Kal Mansur was born in Bangladesh in 1965. He was raised on an air force base in Pakistan where his family was involved in the war of 1971. A year was spent on the edge of the jungles of Borneo before his family immigrated to Toronto in 1975. He entered the University of Texas in 1986 as a prospective baseball player. He majored in fine art and received his BFA in 1990.

He began his early career in Toronto with solo shows from 1991 to 1993. He moved to New York in 1994 where he started over again, holding many jobs to sustain himself as an artist: factory work, corporate executive, arts merchandising, among others. In this period he exhibited in various galleries in New York.

Mansur moved back to Toronto in 2006 and began a significant shift in his art practice when he started working with acrylic glass. The optically shifting hues and dimensionality of his work represent a hybrid between painting and sculpture. 

Mansur works with solid acrylic sheets of varying colors and thicknesses. These materials are sawn and shaped into a sculptural object. The object is adhered to an acrylic glass case and capped by translucent acrylic. This diffuses the internal sculpture, enabling light to reflect and refract. While analogous to light and space movements, and while recalling the pristine minimalism of Donald Judd’s constructions, Mansur’s work is unique in its use of diffusion and concealment as compositional elements.

Mansur is currently represented by galleries in the United States, Canada, and Europe. He lives and works in Toronto, Canada.