Kal Mansur

Open Studio at Industry City

April 3-7, 2019

67 35th Street, Brooklyn. View map.

Building 5, 3rd floor, #B336


This body of work combines the traditions of sculpture and painting. Mansur uses solid acrylic elements with painted fields and objects to elicit a response between mystery and recognition. The built and painted sculpture is then covered with a translucent panel that visually alters the internal elements. Aspects of the work glow as soon as the piece receives light, be it in the form of natural of artificial light.



First launched at Pulse Miami during Art Basel week in December 2018, the series combines gestural drawing with multiple machining processes. Shadows of invisible lines are cast on the wall, as the artwork's incline creates optical effects. The conceptual underpinnings are vast, as Mansur moves past diffusion as a compositional element, and explores how transparency can carry unexpected consequences. View on Artsy.

The larger pieces are 47” x 47” x 5”, and the smaller pieces are 24” x 24” x 3”.



The work is unique in how pigment and substrate are fused into a singular object. Carved topographies become visible upon closer inspection, revealing translucent elements that cast hued shadows on the wall.