Kal Mansur is known for his solid acrylic sculptures, which he has been producing since 2006. His art practice encompasses sculpture, painting, and large-scale installations.


For PULSE Miami 2018, Kal Mansur has created sculptures—non-specific objects—which are a simultaneous homage to and departure from minimalist traditions. The series combines gestural drawing with multiple machining processes. Mansur composes first with tape, creating a drawing built upon strokes that, unlike pencil drawings, do not bear the memory of an erased line. The composition is then carved into a solid acrylic slab. The incisions are filled with pigmented epoxy, layers of color built up millimeters at a time. Using a carving machine, Mansur exposes deeper layers by excavating into the slab, creating steppes that are only visible upon closer inspection. Shadows of invisible lines are cast on the wall, as the artwork's incline creates optical effects. The conceptual underpinnings are vast, as Mansur moves past diffusion as a compositional element, and explores how transparency can carry unexpected consequences.



Kal Mansur's work is characterized by acrylic pieces of varying colors and thicknesses contained within a diffused acrylic case.  The play of light becomes apparent when one focuses on the edges, which cast colored shadows, depending on the spatial relationships within the composition. This kinetic quality is foundational to Mansur's work, creating a hybrid between gestural abstraction and the pristine constructions found in minimalism.  




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