Frost and Decimals XIII

Acrylic, pyrography, aerosol paint on wood, 2016

14 x 11 inches


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About Melisa Taylor-Metzger


The natural world is the blueprint Melisa Taylor-Metzger’s work while allusions to past and contemporary culture inform its developmental stages.

Multiple techniques are used: impasto texturing, collage of found objects, stain washes, powder dusting, torching, spray painting and stencilling. Taylor-Metzger relies on commercial tools for her production and is open to the possibility of these instruments dictating the course of her work.

In the tradition of Process art, Taylor-Metzger seeks the presence of external variables such as natural physical properties, weight or wind for instance, to inject unpredictability. “As I stand witnessing the unexpected organic processes, I find myself intervening with appropriate timing,” she says.

Recently, Taylor-Metzger has explored the assimilation of aerosol painting, pyrography and sanding techniques on wood while engaging with the legacy of various painters. A synthesis of these interests is materializing in Turbulences and In City and In Forest. These works suggest a discoverable lattice of motifs emerging out of defacement and obscuration, where allusions to natural phenomena act as allegories for the human experience.